Council of Ministries

Volunteer Opportunities

The Cooperative Council of Ministries is a Christian organization with plenty of volunteer opportunities.


You can volunteer in CCoM by serving on a committee:

The Bill Mehr Drop In Center Committee: The Drop in Center Committee meets the first Monday of each month at All Saints Church on Gideon Drive in Dale City.  Membership is open to the public.  We meet to discuss issues surrounding homelessness, fundraising opportunities and Programs designed to assist individuals at the Bill Mehr Center to transition back into society.

You can join the Bill Mehr Drop in Center Committee: by emailing Terry O'Connor at

CCoM Volunteers: Is a group of young adults who spread awareness about homelessness, and poverty in our community. We also create ways to help the homeless population by operating drives, fundraisers, programs and volunteering.

You can join CCoM Volunteers by emailing Idris O'Connor at